About Us

“Child, Dare to overcome Adversity and while doing so maintain your dignity and honor at all times.”

Susie Brannon McJimpsey Center, Inc
“It is well to acknowledge the past but know that you have the power to mold the future and to unleash the Hero within”

The Legacy...

Susie Brannon McJimpsey was a well known and beloved Educator and Philanthropist who lived in the Nashville Davidson County community. She attended Nashville Public Schools and received both graduate and post-graduate degrees from Tennessee State University. Mrs. McJimpsey worked hard all of her life to serve God, her Family, and her Community. She worked for Metro Public Schools for almost 40 years, nurturing, teaching, guiding, and loving her students and parents.

Mrs. McJimpsey gave unselfishly of her money, time, and energy to help children and to improve the community and to improve the lives of those who made their home in Nashville, TN

The Mission
We work to preserve the legacy of the life and the work of Susie Brannon McJimpsey. To this end, we confront the societal problems of education disparity, addiction and urban decay for the benefit of God’s children. This mission is guided by the understanding that children come in all ages.

Our Vision
We strive to bridge the gap between children of all ages and education, to re-define education in a way that meets the needs of today’s student and to remove barriers to recovery from social malaise.

Antwon Bailey and Fred Bailey, two of the Co-founders of the Susie Brannon McJimpsey Center, Inc. Shown at the Jefferson Awards in Washington, D.C. June, 2014

Guardians of the Legacy
Fred Bailey B.S.
Ramona Bailey B.S, M.S. +30
Kemp Bailey, Aviation
Thomas Bailey B.A., J.D.
Kenneth Bailey, Pres. Elect, B.A., M.S., E.D.S
Antwon Bailey, President, B.S, M.P.A. CRADC, LADAC-11 Ms Michelle Clark Hendersonville High School

Planning Committee Members
Mr. Fred Bailey
Ms Beverly Batey
Ms Shirley Brown
Ms Sandra K. Campbell
Dr. W.D. Danforth
Ms Goldie Garrett
Art Lee, MD
Mother Ellie Thompson